Armored Core 6: Burning Questions Answered by BY CHRISTOPHER NORMAN WORCESTER | Aug 14, 2023

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is an action game from the legendary developers at From Software and the latest release in the storied mech-fighting franchise. When AC6 was announced, fans around the world were curious to see how it would stack up against the incredible success of games like the Dark Souls trilogy, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Elden Ring. Will it stay true to the series' roots or lean into the soulslike mechanics that propelled the company to its current standing?

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Armored Core 6 looks set to introduce its brand of mech-fighting fun to the current generation of gamers and invite back fans that have long been waiting for a return. This guide will gather all relevant answers and information, preparing players to pilot their mechs as soon as possible.


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Armored Core 6 Questions Answered

armored core 6 mech fight red lightning

Q: What Time is Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Coming Out?

A: AC6 will be released on August 25th, 2023. According to From Software, PC players will have access to the game at 10 PM UTC on August 24th, 2023, and console players will have access at midnight local time on August 25th, 2023. The game will be available for PC, PS5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Q: Can I Preload Armored Core 6?

A: Players will be able to preload AC6 on August 23rd, 2023.

Q: What is Armored Core 6's File Size?

A: At the time of writing, the only available official file size information is for the Playstation console releases. They are as follows:

  • PlayStation 4 File Size: 55.669 GB
  • PlayStation 5 File Size: 43.34 GB

Xbox and PC file sizes will be added as the information is made available.

Q: What Are the System Requirements for Armored Core 6 on PC?

A: From Software has released two separate sets of system requirements, one that focuses on playing with Ray Tracing on and another with it off. They are as follows:

  • Ray Tracing On:
  • Ray Tracing Off:

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Q: Does Armored Core 6 Feature Any Pre-Order Bonuses?

A: All preordered versions of Armored Core 6 will include the following bonuses:

  • Melander C3 parts set (Early unlock)
  • Emblem (Early unlock)
  • Exclusive AC Decal

From Software points out that the parts set and the emblem will be available through normal progression in the game. Players who preorder the game will simply have them unlocked early.

Q: Which Version of Armored Core 6 is Best?

A: Armored Core 6 will be available in the following versions:

  • Standard Edition: $59.99
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: $69.99
      • Digital Artbook
      • Digital Soundtrack


  • Collector's Edition: $229.99 - Physical Only
      • Steelbook
      • Physical Artbook
      • Figurine
      • Pins
      • Stickers
      • Digital Soundtrack


  • Premium Edition: $449.99 - Physical Only
      • Same as Collector's edition, with an added garage for the figurine, inspired by the same system used in-game.


As none of the various versions of the game come with additional gameplay or DLC that could significantly improve the player's experience in-game, the choice of which version to purchase depends entirely on personal preference. The game itself will be the same regardless of version.


Q: Is Armored Core 6 A Soulslike?

A: The simple answer to this question is, no, AC6 is not a soulslike. The Armored Core franchise is heavily focused on mech customization, with large amounts of time spent creating the perfect build for any given situation.

According to From Software, players can still expect the refined, fast-paced combat they are known for, but the approach is decidedly different from their recent titles. How the success of games like Sekiro and Elden Ring affects AC6 will only be known once the game is released.

Q: Will Armored Core 6 Be As Hard as Other From Software Titles? Will It Have Difficulty Settings?


A: There have been many different reports regarding difficulty from the various outlets that have had early access to AC6. Some claim that death in Armored Core 6 will be more forgiving, while others quickly point out that combat will be just as brutal as the Dark Souls games. One thing seems abundantly clear: just as with all the recent titles by From Software, there will be no traditional difficulty settings.

Q: Do I Have to Play the Previous Games in the Armored Core Series to Understand Armored Core 6?

A: All official information appears to support the idea that players will not have to play past games in the series to enjoy Armored Core 6. Many of the games in the series have told stand-alone stories, and that trend appears to be continuing in AC6.

Q: Will Armored Core 6 Feature Any Multiplayer Elements?

A: There is currently little known about the details, but reports suggest Armored Core 6 will feature some version of a multiplayer mode. According to early images of the game box, AC6 will feature a six-player PvP mode, with three additional spectators allowed into the group. It is currently unknown if there are any plans for a co-op mode.

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Q: Does Armored Core 6 Have A Demo?

A: There is currently no demo available for Armored Core 6: Fire of Rubicon.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon will be available on August 25th, 2023, for PS5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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