PlayStation Files Patent For Technology That Lets Spectators Mess With You in VR by Jordan Oloman | | Jan 29, 2021

The patent's copy talks about how audience members will be able to participate in games while another user is immersed within virtual reality. They will be able to make decisions for the player via "spectator devices," probably mobile phones, in a manner similar to PlayStation's PlayLink technology, used in games like Hidden Agenda and That's You.

It looks like you'll be able to help or screw over the main player in virtual reality, depending on the available choices. According to the patent, this will "augment the VR scene based on the spectator inputs in response to the interactive content of the audience participation content."

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In the provided example, we can see one user inside of virtual reality, while four friends are on the sofa behind them. On the screen visible to the audience is a voting prompt, which allows them to pick between a sword, a monster or a soup ladle. This choice is registered on the spectator devices and then sent to the player inside of virtual reality, who sees the prompt "spectators have given you a soup ladle."

It's not clear whether the VR user knows about the options available or not, but that would certainly add to the mischievous nature of this interesting technology. The idea immediately conjures images of spectators being able to send unwitting players down bad paths in a horror game or making story decisions for them in a narrative experience. Honestly, it just sounds really fun.

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To be considered on the list, we included both PSVR-only games, as well as non-VR games with major PSVR components that, functionally, could be played entirely in VR.

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25. Batman: Arkham VR: One of the oldest entries on this list, Batman: Arkham VR is still a strong introduction to the world of VR, largely because of how great it is to step into Batman's shoes. Solving crimes as the caped crusader makes fun use of VR, but it's whenever Arkham VR really dives into the dark knight of it all that it shines. Walking into Wayne Manor, descending into the Batcave, and putting on Batman's cowl — only to then dance goofily in the mirror — is as simultaneously cool, goofy, and memorable as most VR experiences that have come after it.
24. Everybody's Golf VR: Everybody's Golf VR takes the beloved PlayStation franchise and throws it into VR for a time that, while brief, is fun for both newcomers to the links and seasoned pros. Everybody's Golf VR is best in short bursts, and offers players a variety of setups — number of holes, clubs, etc. — to tailor the virtual experience on the greens to your comfort level.
23. The Room VR: The “escape room” puzzle format of the long-running The Room series translates into VR seamlessly, giving you plenty of lovely puzzle boxes to poke and prod as you work your way through its increasingly complex (and creepy) challenges. There’s tons of detail in its worlds, and the fact that you’ll have a handful of puzzles to hop between at any given time makes them feel like an intertwining web of solutions waiting to be found – often relying on previous ones to find them. It’s not the longest puzzle game out there, but it’s tricky and clever the whole way through.
22. Arizona Sunshine: If you're looking to truly answer whether you'd survive a zombie apocalypse, Arizona Sunshine is one of the more fun ways to test that question out. With a small but realistic arsenal, Arizona Sunshine's gunplay is a treat admist the need to loot for food and supplies, maintaining a tense loop as you battle your way through waves of the undead.
21. Ghost Giant: Ghost Giant isn't necessarily revolutionary in its use of VR, but what it aims to achieve it does so with touching heart and beautiful artistry. Placing you in the eyes and hands of, well, a giant ghost, Zoink's VR adventure plays out across a gorgeous set of locations that look like Tim Burton dioramas come to life. With a charming sense of humor, a memorable cast, and engaging puzzle solving that has your giant form messing with the world in fun and wacky ways, Ghost Giant has plenty to offer under its bright exterior.

As with all patents, the fact this was filed doesn't necessarily indicate that Sony will go any further with development, but it's another indication that the company is actively thinking about where to go next with its VR products.

In other PlayStation patent news, a patent revealed in September of 2020 suggested that the next PSVR headset could have Oculus-esque inside-out tracking. As of writing, the PSVR is only available on the PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility, with Sony's plans for the platform going forward still shrouded in mystery.


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