LATAM Games’ vision is for us to expand and enhance our current customers’ Video Game profits and also introduce new customers to the video game industry. Our services are designed to work with a wide range of Latin American clients. This includes:

  • Video GameSpecialty Stores
  • Mass Merchants
  • Distributors
  • Importers
  • Brokers
  • E-retailers
  • and additional non-traditional Video Games channels


As our goal is to be your partner in building your video game business, our support does not stop once your product leaves the building, services include:

Complete Video Game assortment

No Miami based Video Game distributor offers more in-stock and deeper assortment of Video Game titles then LATAM Games.  This includes all platforms and all publishers available to you on the same day you order. If you are a current customer, CLICK HERE to see a list of games in stock now. If you are not a current customer you will need to register on our web site before accessing this information. Please CLICK HERE for details.

Value Price Programs and Bundle Programs

Many popular video game titles and favorite franchises are available to retail under $20 USD.  This product presents an opportunity for retailers to expand their video game departments and product mix while minimizing their exposure. Both as part of your video game department and as impulse items, these titles create extras profits and margins and enhances any video game assortment.  No Miami based Latin American distributor’s offers a wider in-stock selection of value priced titles then LATAM Games. 

Because of our strong relationship with many of the major Video Game publishers, LATAM Games can develop customized bundles of games and accessories. These bundles create value for your customer and extra margin and incremental sales for our clients.

Value price and Bundle Product includes:

  • Repriced Titles
  • Overstock Purchases
  • Close-Outs
  • Classic Titles
  • Reprints
  • Opportunity Buys
Upcoming Titles
Tokyo Ghoul: Re Call to Exist
Available Jul 11, 2019
UPC: 722674122016
F1 2019
Available Jun 29, 2019
UPC: 816819016367
Crash Team Racing
Available Jun 21, 2019
UPC: 047875883901
Code Vein
Available Jul 11, 2019
UPC: 722674220736
F1 2019
Available Jun 29, 2019
UPC: 816819016350